Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack)


Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack)
Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack) Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack) Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack) Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack) Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack) Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack) Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack) Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack)

We've custom designed our own silicone 3oz bottles to carry liquids & they fit together to maximize space while traveling.

Two Pack (1 Clear & 1 Frosted Grey)


Explorer PLUS

  • Up to seven bottles fit in the in the Explorer PLUS' TSA compliant bag. 

Explorer SLIM

  • Two bottles nicely fit in the Explorer SLIM's deep liquid pocket. (Most liquid bottles that fit this pocket are 2oz because of the pocket size so we made these bottles to perfectly fit our Explorer SLIM bag to use every bit of space.

"3 fl oz (89ml)" is printed on the bottom of each bottle so airline security agencies can see it follows their guidelines.

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Khoa N.
United States

Travel Bottles

Very unique design and seems to take fit and space in mind for packing. I have not used it yet, however, I am planning to use it for the gym as well. Only a 4 star review because I have not used it yet.

Nathan M.
United States

Awesome Bottles - for Travel and Home

I used these on a 1+ week trip to Myanmar last year and they were great. I love that the bottles are shorter and designed to fit together to take up less space. That made a huge difference when using them in my 3-1-1 bag. Also, most bottles are too tall to stand upright in my Aer Dopp kit. These fit perfectly. I've been using them at home when not traveling as well. Really like these and plan to buy more!

Clayton L.
United States

Splendid Squeezies

i love these roomy yet space saving bottles. I havenot had luck with silicone bottles in the past, but these are secure because you have to give it a squeeze to open the silicone once you have opened the cap. However, this double closure is better for thicker liquids that come out slowly, such as lotions or shampoos. The bottle did not qork so well for things like contact solution where you might just need a few drops not a whole squeeze.

wei k.

Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles (Two Pack)

Easy to use. Very well organize

Michail D.

Excellent Bottles for Travelling!

This is the third time that I purchase these liquid bottles by Gravel, and the reason is simple: they have, on my opinion, four killer characteristics that make them excellent for travelling! 1) They are soft, made out of silicone; this rubbery texture gives them elasticity, so, it's much more difficult to break if one drops them accidentally. Also, it's easier to squeeze. 2) Their volume capacity (3oz/89ml) is written on their bottom, so a traveller can prove to security staff that they're compatible with carry-on baggage permitted volumes. 3) They have a unique shape; one bottle complements the other, so they can fit nicely in one's toiletry bag. 4) They have small "labels" (soap, shampoo, conditioner, sun cream, lotion) printed on a rotating ring around their neck, so one can easily tag what is inside the bottle. Very practical! Possibly more orders will follow, as they're a nice little gift for friends and family that travel often:) ! PS: One practical tip, if you live in Cyprus. If you’re interested in buying only the bottles, NEVER order more than one (1) twin pack per order, even if you want/ need more, even if you have discount codes by Gravel (e.g. because you purchased in the past, or you’ve supported their Kickstarter campaigns). The reason is simple: one (1) twin pack + shipping is less that €17,10, so you don’t have to pay duties. Even if you have used discount codes, it doesn’t matter, the Customs Officers will calculate duties based on the value of the bottles, not the actual amount you paid (no matter what’s written on your PayPal email receipt). So, if you need three twin packs, place three orders.